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A New Super-Fast Theme, Many Lessons Learned Featured Article
Gender of a Name Illustration

Determine the Gender of a First Name using Python

You might find yourself requiring a person's gender when collecting information via web scraping. No worries, there's a way to work it out from just their first name, and it's pretty nifty.

User Input Illustration

How to Capture Input from a User in Selenium

Python is a great choice for web scraping. Sometimes you might require some communication between the browser and the script going the opposite way to what Selenium is intended for. Here's how you do it.

Python Switch Case Illustration

Why doesn’t Python have Switch/Case statements?

Python doesn't have Switch/Case statements, and if you've come to Python from another language you might find that strange. I'll break down why and show you the best way to achieve the same effect.

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Lazy Loading WordPress Images (Plugin for lazysizes.js)

Lazy loading works wonders for page speed. Here's a simple plugin that converts WordPress image tags in posts to lazy load tags suitable for use with the brilliant lazysizes.js.

Website Redeisgn Illustration

A New Super-Fast Theme, Many Lessons Learned

So I finally got around to nailing PageSpeed. This is a quick post on the speed improvements and thoughts behind my most recent blog theme. Here's hoping this one lasts longer than a week.

Instagram Feed Illustration

Creating an Instagram Feed for your website without the API

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who found using the Instagram API an enjoyable experience, here I'll describe how you can manage to output a perfect feed without it.